Dolce Gusto

Sicilian Dolce Gusto capsules from Pop Caffè of Ragusa on the Mediterranean. Four espresso blends as well as a decaf, hot chocolate and cappuccino, also available in mixed variety packs.

Pop Caffe 'Miscela Cremoso' Dolce Gusto capsules 3 x 16 packs
Blended South-East Asian arabica and robusta, skilfully selected and roasted in the Sicilian tradition. An assertive flavour, an intensely aromatic... more info
Pop Caffe 'Miscela Intenso' Dolce Gusto capsules 3 x 16 packs
Blended Indonesian and Vietnamese premium robustas and a modest contribution of Central American arabicas. A powerful and bold flavour with an... more info
Pop Caffe Arabica Dolce Gusto capsules 3 x 16 packs
A sublime melange of Central and Southern American arabicas medium roasted for a full, smooth espresso with an enticing aroma and a golden crema.... more info
Pop Caffe Decaffeinated Dolce Gusto capsules 3 x 16 packs
This decaffeinated blend in the Sicilian style displays a round, sweet flavour with a hint of chocolate in its aftertaste. A medium roast with a... more info
Pop Caffe eGusto Hot Chocolate Dolce Gusto capsules 3 x 16 packs
Three packets of 16 capsules, total 48 capsules. A rich and smooth hot chocolate drink with a delicious creamy taste and topped with a nice frothy... more info
Pop Caffe Myspresso Vellutata Dolce Gusto capsules 3 x 16 packs
Central American arabicas and South East Asian robustas fuse in this velvety (from the Italian vellutata) smooth espresso with a wonderful, zesty... more info
Dolce Gusto capsules variety mix - 4 x 16 packs
Our four Sicilian espresso blends, one pack of each, total 64 capsules. Roasted in Ragusa, Sicily, these capsules are for Dolce Gusto compatible... more info