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Our Italian E.S.E pods and espresso beans roasters...

Gruppo Izzo S.r.l was established in Naples near to Vesuvius and Pompeii in 1979 by Mr Vincenzo Izzo as a coffee roastery, and his passion for real Neapolitan espresso has evolved for more than 25 years. During this time, the enduring spirit of the company has been supported by highly qualified staff, both technical and commercial, which has resulted in an ever increasing popularity of the Izzo brand of ESE pods.

Bravi Caffe S.r.l was established in 1952 by the Bravi brothers Fustino and Emilio in Monterotondo in the suburbs of Rome in Italy. In 1982 the company passed into the capable hands of the Ciravegna family, and in accordance with the Bravi tradition, their ESE pods have been created to perfection ever since. The ever popular Grani D'Oro is the preferred choice of many espresso connoisseur. 

Caffe Karoma - Feio S.r.l., of Angri near Salerno was founded in 1986. Tradition, innovation, a passion for quality, know how and a small but highly-qualified workforce: these are the values which inspire this company. After many years invested in 'Research and Development' Feio Srl can state that it has achieved a perfect synergy between the old Neapolitan tradition and the innovative technologies of the modern era. The quality of the espressos and ESE pods are constantly tested by expert tasters in the Production Laboratory.

Caffe Meseta is the historical brand of the Coind Group, the leading Italian Private Label coffee producer. The exceptional stability and goodness of the product are due to the meticulous attention paid throughout the production process.
Being a Meseta Distributor means being part of a solid company, disseminating the quality of excellent Italian production and sharing our passion for the world of coffee. - The story of Charles, encouraged and helped by his father to buy his first coffee-roasting machine. Today, Benoit and Michel are continuing this wonderful story with the same enterprising spirit and the same passion. It is their heritage after all. 
A passion for research and for selecting the best coffee beans, for the art of roasting, for the art of creating subtle blends and for the art of sharing. 
Sharing the pleasure of drinking and appreciating good quality coffee.

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