Espresso Beans

High roasted espresso coffee beans from our Italian suppliers Caffe Bravi of Rome, Caffe Karoma and Caffe Moreno of Naples, and Pop Caffe of Ragusa, Sicily...

Bravi Caffe 'Crema' coffee beans - 1KG
The Bravi 'Crema', through it's significant Robusta content, yields an intense flavour with excellent acidity and a heavy body. The... more info
Caffe Moreno 'Gran Miscela Bar' beans - 1KG
A wonderfully rounded and slightly fruity melange with a soft, yet long lasting crema. This espresso is for connoisseurs, who appreciate that only... more info
Caffe Moreno 'Super Bar' beans - 1KG
The right balance between sweetness, flavour and intensity harmonising perfectly in the carefully chosen beans of this compact, velvety blend. 60%... more info
Pop Caffe Sicilian 100% Arabica beans - 1KG
Roasted in Sicily, Pop Caffe 100% Arabica packs a combination of intensity and sweetness for a perfectly balanced and satisfying espresso. A melange... more info
Bravi Caffe Grani D'Oro coffee beans - 1KG
The Bravi Grani D'Oro is a wonderfully balanced espresso with a complex aroma and a rounded flavour, reminiscent of chocolate with a hint of... more info
Bravi Caffe 'Bar' coffee beans - 1KG
Caffe Bravi 'Bar' espresso exhibits sufficient acidity to produce a tart, crisp shot with an intensely pleasing aroma. A very distinguished... more info
Bravi Caffe 100% Arabica coffee beans - 1KG
Caffe Bravi 100% Arabica is an exclusive top of the range espresso coffee. The arabica beans are highly complemented by skilled artisan Roman... more info