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PRIVACY NOTICE does not sell, rent or give out personal details to any 3rd party. We may use your phone number address or e-mail address to contact you about an order. Any personal details gathered from order or enquiries (collected lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018) are kept safely on our computer.

We do not send erroneous, random or non-specific marketing emails to personal email addresses (in accordance with the Privacy & Electronic Communications Act passed into law 11 Dec 03).

Our payment process is digitally encrypted using 128 bit SSL technology. We never hold your credit card details so you will always be asked to enter them for every new purchase.

This is the industry standard for secure on-line payment. It provides a high level of protection to you against credit card fraud and to us against fraudulent use of credit cards. If you do have a problem completing the payment at this stage, we will be notified that there has been a problem and will contact you to resolve the issue.

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