Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Nespresso compatible capsules from Pop Caffè of Ragusa, Sicily and Café Liégeois of Battice in Belgium.

Founded in 1955 by Charles Liégeois, Café Liégeois was born out of a passion for coffee. Café Liégeois now employs in the region of a hundred people. A coffee roaster with a vision, Charles subsequently handed down his know-how and flourishing business to his sons, Michel and Benoît, who still continue the family tradition today, with the same enthusiasm as over fifty years ago.

Since 1999 in Ragusa, Sicily, Simfed Group have been turning the world's best beans into exquisite blends. The passion and craftsmanship that goes into their work has produced Pop Caffè, an espresso range of beans, pods and capsules that guarantee the highest quality.

Pop Caffe Naos Yellow Nespresso compatible capsules
Roasted in Sicily - a dark, strong blend of arabica and robusta (30:70) with a full body, a velvety crema and a pleasantly lingering after taste.... more info
Pop Caffe Naos Decaf Nespresso compatible capsules
Roasted and prepared by Pop Caffè in Ragusa. Naòs Decaf is a finely balanced full, bodied Sicilian blend with an enticing aroma a long,... more info
Cafe Liegeois 'Magnifico' Nespresso Compatible Capsules
Noble, proud and a thoroughbred, Magnifico is a coffee that boasts it's own personality while enhancing yours! Magnifico, the most Italian of the... more info
Cafe Liegeois 'Mano Mano' Nespresso Compatible Capsules
Mano Mano is defined largely by it's prominent, aromatic fruitiness and it's distinct roundness with a lingering aftertaste. This Fair Trade... more info