Nespresso Compatible Capsules

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Caffè Attibassi (Bologna, northern Italy)

Caffè Meseta (Bologna, northern Italy)

Caffè Carracci (Bologna, northern Italy)

Café Liégeois (Battice, Belgium)

Caffe Attibassi Arabica Nespresso compatible capsules
A fine blend of specially selected, high elevation 100% arabica beans from Brazil and India. An espresso with fruity and floral notes combined with a... more info
Caffè Attibassi Decaf Nespresso compatible capsules
Roasted and prepared by Caffè Attibassi in Bologna, northern Italy, the 'Deca' decaffeinated is a finely balanced full, bodied Emilia-Romagna blend... more info
Cafe Liegeois 'Magnifico' Nespresso Compatible Capsules
Noble, proud and a thoroughbred, Magnifico is a coffee that boasts it's own personality while enhancing yours! Magnifico, the most Italian of the... more info
Cafe Liegeois 'Mano Mano' Nespresso Compatible Capsules
Mano Mano is defined largely by it's prominent, aromatic fruitiness and it's distinct roundness with a lingering aftertaste. This Fair Trade... more info