ESE Coffee Pods - Try 30 mixed pack

Model: 10036
Manufactured by: Coffeeroyale


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Why not testdrive our individually sealed regular coffee pods with a batch of 30 for £8.50 plus shipping. A selection of 8 different types of regular pods, comprising - Caffe Bravi Grani D'Oro, Caffe Bravi 100% Arabica, Caffe Karoma 100% Arabica, Caffe Karoma Classic, Caffe Moreno 100% Arabica, Caffe Izzo 100% Arabica, Caffe Toscano Gold and Caffe Toscano Red. The Moreno and Izzo pods are from Naples on the coastal mid-west, being produced by small, local, Neapolitan coffee roasters based beneath the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Caffe Bravi originates in the metropolis of the capital city, a stone's throw from the Vatican City while the Caffe Karoma are from Angri near Salerno! Caffe Toscano is situated in Livorno on the coastal north-west. All pods are standard ESE size 44mm diameter, 6.95g or 7g in weight and individually wrapped. Available to all European Union countries outside the UK.


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